Himalayas Shilajeet Tonic




Salajit is a 100% organic mineral with no side effects, found in high altitude mountains of Himalayas, Gilgit and Baltistan. Salajit is a sticky, tar-like resin substance that excretions out of mountainous regions in the summer when it is heated by the sun. Salajit is composed of century’s old, decomposed plants which are a potent source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Salajit takes centuries to form, and consider it a millionary product of nature.

Salajit Contains

85 different essential minerals

Fulvic acid
• Antioxidants
• Phytochemicals
• Amino acids


Destroy All Weakness with Nature Mountainous Power

Shilajit Tonic combines the stunning energizing and adapts genic qualities of the premium available Himalayas Shilajit with a forceful array of herbals in a single, multipurpose tonic.Shilajit a traditional mountainous compound and properly processed with natural purity as a full health curative tonic.

Why Use Shilajit Tonic?

Helped to relieve or correct the following conditions;

  • Diabetes
    • Digestion problems
    • Anxiety
    • Immunodeficiency
    • Obesity
    • Tumors
    • Ulcers
    • Fatigue
    • Memory problems
    • Brain function
    • Exercise recovery
    • Reproductive health


Who Can use Shilajit Tonic?

Authentic, correctly processed Shilajit Tonic is extremely safe. It is suitable in small doses for almost everyone on a regular basis, and in higher doses for those who seek to increase vitality, strength and immunity, and by those who wish to cleanse the tissues of the body.


Do not take if you suffer from gout. It can increase uric acid in the body. Children below 18 years, pregnant or nursing mothers should always seek the advice of their doctor before taking.

Recommended  Use

Half Tea spoon with 250ml milk at night


75 g



Although the existence of it was known for thousands of years, it was rediscovered by the native dwellers of Himalayan ranges. This element was rediscovered for its health properties by the people living in the Himalayan Mountains. These people observed the white monkeys; who migrated to the area during the summer. The animals were strong, healthy, and energetic and had a long life span. The monkeys were always seen chewing a black gummy substance. The villagers followed the monkeys to the side regions of the mountains, and saw them peel off the substance from the surface of the rocks. They brought it back with them, and started ingesting it. They instantly recognized its benefits.

True Super Food

Salajit contains 85+ minerals in ionic form, vitamins, fulvic acid and very important phytonutrients. The fulvic acid in Salajit is in its most natural and purest form. Fulvic acid is required to dilate the cell walls and transport the minerals deep into the cells. No amount of mineral supplements will be of any use unless they are transported into the cells. Minerals also act as catalysts in the assimilation of vitamins. Insufficient supply of minerals will also mean vitamin deficiency. Fulvic acid alone can transport the minerals through the thick cell walls. Salajit has 85+ minerals apart from fulvic acid and can instantly supply them to the cells. It can effectively prolong cell life and keep it healthy for a very long time. No wonder Salajit is truly a super food.


Types of Salajit

Although there are no distinct classifications, there mineral also varies according to the region from where it is cultivated. The best and most beneficial type is scraped from the mountains of Himalayas, Gilgit and Baltistan.  This has high anti-oxidant content and bio-regenerative properties.

Suggested Use of Salajit?

Tonic is best suited for people in search of relief from arthritis, general health, bones and many problems. This should be consumed once in a day with hot milk or desi ghee. You should increase the dose slowly to avoid any side-effects.


Salajit Benefits

  • As a powerful immune system booster
  • Treat diabetes
  • Treat respiratory conditions
  • Treat coughs
  • Sexual enhancer
  • Potent vitamin and mineral source
  • For longevity
  • For anti-aging
  • As an energy booster
  • As an adaptogen
  • Treat arthritis and joint pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Aid memory and thinking
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce physical and mental fatigue
  • Treat anxiety and depression
  • For better powers of concentration
  • Maintain heart health
  • Treat high blood pressure
  • Improve digestion
  • Treat gastritis, constipation and indigestion
  • Protect the liver and pancreas
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Protect and maintain the thyroid gland
  • Increase metabolism
  • For proper enzyme secretion
  • For its anti-microbial properties
  • Increase physical strength and endurance
  • Treat premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction
  • Treat urinary problems and kidney stones
  • To detoxify the body and remove toxins
  • Treat anemia
  • Treat ulcers
  • Increase natural growth hormone production