The Planner Herbal Int is established in 2002 as a manufacturer, packager, labeler, and distributor of natural health and nutritional products. We offer quality natural health products and dietary supplements to meet the demands of large scale OEM clients as well as the individuals. Our strength lies in the combination of technical expertise, research and development, effective customer service, and commitment to the success of our customers. All products are produced under strict GMP which ensures that highest quality standards are maintained.
We use ingredients from Pakistan and worldwide natural extract sources The Planner Herbal Int’s all products are PCSIR approved which guarantees highest quality, coupled with high service standards.
Our Manufacturing Philosophy
Over the past decade, The Planner Herbal Int has built a reputation based on:
High Quality Ingredients: Only pure natural ingredients of the highest quality are used so that our customers get the finest products every time.
Superior Manufacturing Guidelines: All of our products are manufactured according to strict standards to ensure that our customers’ health and safety is guaranteed. All our products are made in manufacturing facilities that meet and exceed the GMP Standards.
The Planner Herbal Int always welcomes Pakistan and International traders for Own Brand/OEM Packaging.